General conditions

In Austria, collection agencies may only operate as collection companies if they have a business license to conduct their trade. The Commercial Code (GewO) stipulates that a certificate of competence must be issued for the business license. Moreover, collection agencies need to conduct their trade in accordance with the "rules of conduct and practice for collection institutions" issued by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The certificate of competence and the rules of conduct ensure that a professional service is performed.

The collection agencies in Austria handle out-of-court collection of overdue claims. For judicial dunning procedures, Riverty Services Austria GmbH has been working with renowned Austrian lawyer offices for many years.


Professional debt collection

Collection companies often have a poor reputation. Accusations are frequently made that they seek to profit from an already financially weak segment of the population.

On the other hand, collection agencies help companies to receive money for services rendered. These are justified claims. This also protects consumers from higher prices in the event of excessive bad debt losses and secures jobs in the companies affected. This is for the benefit of you as a consumer and the economy as a whole.

Besides a professional approach and communication, a sign of a credible collection agency is typically its membership in larger interest groups, for example the Inkassoverband Österreich (IVÖ).

The collection company Riverty Services Austria GmbH is a member of the Inkassoverband Österreich (IVÖ). IVÖ member companies are subject to strict, voluntary self-regulation by the association. These controls go far beyond the statutory minimum requirements on collection service providers. The IVÖ was established in 1990. Today, the association includes 37 collection companies, thereby covering 80% of the collection market.

Professional collection companies like Riverty Services Austria GmbH work according to these principles:

We see ourselves as a mediator between creditors and debtors. In this respect, a settlement between the creditor and the debtor is our priority. It is not our goal to stoke fear. Instead, we wish to offer you as a debtor one final opportunity (in many cases) to clear your debts before initiating court proceedings. Use this opportunity and clarify any outstanding questions here directly on our service portal or by phone with our Service Dialog Center.