About Riverty Services GmbH

A world where the economy meets people's needs. Where financial technology makes a difference. Where everyone has control over their own financial situation. At Riverty, we build it together. With a team of over 5000 experts in 13 countries, we find smarter, simpler and seamlessly connected ways to manage your money. From flexible payments to smart accounting and claim management - our holistic solutions enable everyone to make the most of their financial lives. It's time to usher into a new era of economic freedom.

Riverty Services Austria GmbH (formerly: infoscore austria) is part of Riverty's Collection division and offers industry-specific solutions for all aspects of claim management. The individual is at the centre of our attention. We find a tailored solution for each client and their specific situation. In the debt collection process, we guarantee consumers fairness and social responsibility. For this, we offer a seamless and digital product that is easy and convenient to use.

We support consumers in bringing their finances back into balance. Our services range from highly automated, cost-optimised workflow solutions to claim-specific collection strategies. As a modern debt collection company, we cover the entire collection process. In accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice for Debt Collection Agencies and the principles of the Austrian Debt Collection Association (IVÖ)[LJ1] , we are committed to balancing the interests of companies and customers and mediating practicable solutions between the parties involved.